>March Madness is truely MAD!

>LSU and UCLA, who would have thunk it?!
I think it is safe to say that I can throw out my NCAA bracket right about now. If someone had told me that they knew that half the Final Four would be LSU and UCLA, well then let me pay you $2.99 for your 1-800 number because obviously you have some magical powers. I dont think that anyone, including the residents in Baton Rouge and Los Angeles, believed LSU and UCLA would be participating in the Final Four? I know that I didnt!
My money coming into this weekend was on Duke and Gonzaga advancing, primarily because of experience (J.J Redick) and emotion (Adam Morrison). True, they would have had to both get by Texas and Memphis in this Elite 8 but seeing that Duke, earlier in the year, man-handled Texas and with Gonzaga seemingly performing heart-stopping buzzer beaters all year; I was hoping that this finally could have been their year. I guess now, the only race that both Redick and Morrison are gunning for is the National player of the Year (which i hope the committee awards both of them instead of deciding on one or the other) and the #1 pick in June’s NBA Draft. Maybe its just me, but I was just itching for the one and only showdown between the two leading scorers, but i guess ill have to be staisfyed with it playing in my mind or better yet watch both of them go at it in “The Show”.
But ultimately, that is what makes March Madness truely Mad; its knowing that ANYONE can win and advance. Just look at George Mason, a Mid-Major out of the (CAA) Colonial Athletic Association, having the chance to go up against powerhouse Connecticut (which basically everyone believes will win it all). I guess, because Duke and Gonzaga are not in it anymore, I dont really mind who wins…. haha yeah i dont believe that myself. My hope now is on UCLA to go all the way just because of the history and the storied program in hopes of returning to glory! Oh what a story that would be!!
So with the few pennies i have left that i could scrounge up between the couch cushions, I will let it ride all on UCLA over LSU and Villanova over Coinnecticut; with UCLA over Villanova in the final. I gotta route for the Pac-10 baby! UCLA Bruines national champs!
Hey, in March anything could happen!


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