>Tomkat: The Wild World of Scientology

>Here is a question ill spew into the great wide void: Why is it, with the exception of Vincefer or Jennivaughn, that couples like Bennifer and Tomkat transform from mild-mannered, quite respectable actors into couch jumping-Scientology obsessed- Stepford husbands and wives? Wouldnt it seem wiser to be a bit more discreet-if thats possible in Hollywood- and possibly modest? Now, given the fact Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finally came to their senses and are now both married, thankfully not to each other, I am more inclined towards the ugliness that has become Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.
I am not ashamed to say that during my collegiate years I was a fan of Dawsons Creek, the WB teen drama that Holmes starred in from 1998-2004. What I am embarrassed to mention these days is of the fan-sized crush I had on Katie Holmes during that run which ostensibly ran its course and ended once she began to date Tom Cruise. Dont get me wrong, at the beginning of their relationship, like everyone else in America, i thought that it was just another Demi and Ashton (Demishton) and they would drive, fly, gallop, bicycle, into the sunset after all of the shock and awe wore off; yet, we were not that lucky.

Its romantic when: You declare your love for the one your with
Its not so romantic when: You jump up and down like a baboon on a couch that is nationally
Its romantic when: You take your loved one arm and arm down the red carpet, kissing every so
Its not so romantic when: For the majority of that time you are playing tonsil hockey

With Tomkat about to bring Tomkat jr. into their dysfunctional lovefest, the secret world of Scientology has peeked its deformed mind out into the mainstream for all the world to see- whether the world wants to or not. Therefore, given what we know so far about the rules of Scientology birth-giving, their philosophy on psychiatric prescription pharmaceuticals, and the couples obsessed dedication to the Ron Hubbard religion, i am can only painfully imagine what the Cruise-Holmes household will be like.


>Would You Like a T.V Show To Go With Your Commercial?

>What is it with ads every 5 minutes during nationally televised programs, sporting and current events? That question may seem self explanatory to many considering what type of media age we live in with everything from breath mints to large SUVs pining for five to ten second commercial slots. It is just interesting to me that during these oh-so-important games or current events, there are stops in the action nearly every five minutes. For example, this past Monday while I was calmly sloutching down onto the couch watching the NCAA basketball championship game, it seemed that there was a timeout by Florida or UCLA or a television timeout one after the other after the other. It seemed there was no time to truly enjoy the beating Florida was giving UCLA (although given the fact i was routing for UCLA, it was not as enjoyable as I had hoped).

As i look back upon it, we as Americans seem to be much more fascinated by advertisements promoting the latest and newest gadgets on the market than we are with what is actually going on on the tube. And yes, while the companies that manufacture and sell the latest “IT” products pay beaucoup bucks for advertising slots, i cant help but think what could take their place.
I was chatting it up with my father the other day, while he was vacationing in France, about how differently media and advertising is presented on television there VS. here . I was talking to him about how aggitated I was getting with the basketball game on Monday, not about the score but of how many times they stopped to go to commercial. He told me that in France, only once during a 30 minute or 1 hour episode on television do they allow commercials. That is why I have TIVO and why I wait until my favorite television shows come out on dvd, to spare myself from the insane amount of advertisements every 5 minutes. The only time i care about television advertisements is during that unofficial American Sunday holiday, the Super Bowl.

Speaking of, what happens to those “Super” multi-million dollar ads after the game? I would think that if advertisers spent millions of dollars for, at most, ten seconds of airtime to promote their product, then they would show it all year long to get their money’s worth. Yet, we rarely see the Super Bowl ads during regular scheduled programming. Here is food for thought; why dont advertisers jump on the European bandwagon and adopt the idea i spoke of earlier? I have seen networks, when showing giant blockbuster movies, go commercial-free but how about trying that for award shows or gigantic sports tournaments and only allowing airtime once every 30 minutes or 1 hour?

Hmm, novel idea! Will it fly? Yeah, i didnt think so.