>Obama’s Speech on Lincoln’s Bday 2/12/09


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I wanted to share with you this video because I felt compelled to show what a true president sounds like and what weve been waiting for for 8 years. As i watched him so eloquently speak this speech live today, it reaffirmed in me as well as kept up what he has been committing to the American people. Yet acknowledges the irresponsibility and dumbfounded actions the Republicans have taken towards him and US, the American people, since Nov. 4th.

Do any of the GOP realize that Lincoln was in their party??

With it being Lincoln’s 200th birthday and in inspiration of Obama’s speech today i feel compelled as well to share some thoughts of my own from a poem i wrote entitled “Letter to Mr. President”.

“Letter to Mr. President”

I sound my barbaric yawp in silence
In cathartic sound I cling to sanity
Needing to
Define America, her athletic Democracy*
What is happening to her? Lady Liberty
Is welting away.
I am but only one man sounding my horn
My barbaric yawp screams
Please sir, sound yours!

*From Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass


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