>More Bailout Money for the Greedy


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The Mayor of Lansing, MI is absolutely right. It is hypocritical of the banks and Wall street to receive OUR money without a second glance while main street and the auto industry plead for their collective lives. In the past i have been skeptical and critical of the CEO’s of the big three auto makers, of any CEO really, when they first came to Washington in private jets but they cleaned up their act and demonstrated that they understand the crunch America is in at this moment.
I cannot say the same for Wall street and their greed is good, self-serving, more more more attitude. I am fascinated by their exuberance and disdain for the true Americans, Main Street.
I realize that the suits’, on their high horses looking out of their high rise corner penthouse offices, attitude and greed will never cease but i do hope if we finally decide to disperse the stimulus money to the people and companies who really need it then Wall street will at least give a second glance if not a second look.


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