>Nostalgia Fridays: Greasers, Hot Rods and Rockabilly- The Original Punks

>I love the 1950’s. More precisely I love the greaser, rockabilly and hot rodding lifestyle side of the 1950’s. As I have heard from a few of my fellow bloggers and friends, it seems we were born in the wrong decade. My love for this more care-free, rebel way of life, which brought up my own parents, is like Marty McFly going back in time in Back To The Future but without him desperately trying to return to his cocoon of the 1980’s.
I am not abashed to confess I went through many phases of acceptance and comfort. Essaying forth questions in my mind of who I was and what type of skin I felt comfortable in. Changing outfits and interests, not only to please myself, but to please others and to fit in. Not until I found classic cars, hot rods, Rockabilly and original rock and roll music – like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent – did I feel comfortable with my surroundings and who I am. Wondering why it took me so long to realize.

I cannot fully explain my love for 1950’s nostalgia but from today onward I will bring you bits and pieces each week from the rebel without a cause side of our classic and wistful past beginning with an educational hot rodding film from 1953.

Part 1:


3 thoughts on “>Nostalgia Fridays: Greasers, Hot Rods and Rockabilly- The Original Punks

  1. >I always wanted to be a rockabilly girl, but who has the time?! They all look so amazing though. My BF is a skin, and you know the old joke, when you retire from being a skin, you “retire” to rockabilly. Ha ha ha. A bunch of my friends are going to the Rockabilly weekend in Vegas. I wish I could go! I’m thinking next year!

  2. >I always think to myself that I had another life in the 50s. I have such an affinity for that fashion although I’m talking more about typical housewife dresses, although I did go through a rockabilly hairstyle phase. I absolutely love aprons, and I think that’s a tad strange b/c I hate cooking.

  3. >I walked into the 50s on Friday night at a bar in Chicago. I would have felt out of place, but the extensive sideburns had me almost looking like I was at home. A rockabilly bar playing the Nightmare on Elm Street movies on the TV. Talk about colliding generations.

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