>President Obama Makes CNN’s Ed Henry His "Companion"

>I watched as President Obama addressed America and the White House Press Corps last night, and like many of the other responses afterwards, a few moments stood out in my mind head and shoulders above the rest: 1) The “race” question and 2) his smack down of Ed Henry from CNN.
I am not about to tout myself an expert on politics or on presidential White House press corps addresses, as I have only since the 2008 Presidential campaign jumped upon the bandwagon. Therefore, with regards to addressing the WH press corps last night, I am not sure how exciting or dull they are in general-or what are deemed stupid or insightful questions. Yet, I do have opinions on what I believe were important and exciting issues and topics.

To be honest, I watched unfazed, except for a few “yes we can” and “go on with your bad self” moments under my breath, as questions were being asked and answers were given. Until the President’s unequivocal straight forwardness to the “oh no he didn’t” moment(s) stated above. With regard to the “race” question the woman reporter asked on whether his first weeks in office have been colorblind, which seemed extremely vague and open ended, Obama reacted in a considerate and respectful way. Mulling over his answer with thought and precision. He spoke that the focus has been on the economy, not about race. He said the convention and inauguration was a time to address race, “but that lasted about a day.” As I now watch and read enthusiastically and with concern each day about what our government is doing to keep this country out of the “porcelain god” the Bush administration flushed us in, it is a relief to see our Commander in Chief put some smackdown on questions like Ed Henry asked on why it took a while for Obama to reveal his outrage toward the AIG bonuses, “It took us a couple of days because I like to know what I am talking about before I speak.”

In the words of Keith Olbermann, “Ooo snap!”

In The Washington D.C. bubble in which these politicians and reporters live; where as I read somewhere Michigan could be considered a foreign country to them, and their constant 24-hour addictive craving for information, it is as if the idea of a head of state or even an elected official visiting and meeting with Main Street instead of Wall Street and actually thinking before speaking is a novel one. It blows my mind.

On MSNBC tonight, Keith Olbermann interviewed Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post. They spoke on the reaction towards this news conference and rather bluntly in particular, the way Ed Henry got “owned” by the president where by Robinson uses, in layman’s terms, a sports analogy of Kobe Bryant doing a reverse 360 degree windmill tomahawk jam over and in the face of his opponent and acknowledging the fact that “the guy just made you his companion.”

At that moment I burst out laughing as well did Keith Olbermann because well… it was true. He did get “owned”. President Obama’s blunt, straight forward comment to Ed Henry I believe not only answered the question that was asked but sent a message to the country and within the Washington D.C. bubble that this president will think before he speaks.

Change has truly come to.


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