>The Elephants Hate Democracy

>I will return to Nostalgia Friday next week-or possibly later- but I wanted to take this time to discuss politics, particularly Alaskan politicking. I know, I know, the word “Politics” is in the same breath as four-letter bad words, underneath the same mushroom cloud as watching an explicit sex-scene at a movie theater with your parents or grandparents… its uncomfortable. Yet, I feel it necessary to bite the bullet, power through and well, just get it over with and out there in the open.

I am an Alaskan. I may not live there anymore but I was born and raised so I believe I still have some say and sway in being a true Alaskan-ite and listening to what goes on up there within the forty-ninth state. I have to confess that since the unveiling of Sarah Palin during the 2008 presidential election, I cringe every time I tell others where I am originally from. In the eloquent words of Seth Rogan discussing Paris Hilton from his 2008 film ‘Zack and Miri,'”…And I’m pretty sure she’s legally retarded.” I think that also can be said about the Alaskan Governor.
That being said, I am fed up with what I’ve heard lately from Sarah Palin and the holier than thou Republicans wanting Democrat Mark Begich to resign after learning that Ted Stevens, a long-time and disgraced Republican, was set free by the Obama Justice Department. As DailyKos.com, a left-wing blog, asked in the link below,”Why do we hold elections anymore?”:

“The Alaska Republican Party is calling on Democratic Sen. Mark Begich to resign his first-term post as senator, one day after Attorney General Eric Holder cleared former Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens of felony charges Wednesday…
The Alaska Republican Party…believes that current Senator Mark Begich should resign his position to allow for a new, special election, so Alaskans may have the chance to vote for a senator without the improper influence of the corrupt Department of Justice,” the Alaska Republican Party’s Web site states.

Yet, the felony charges were billed on the Republicans watch:

“The entire investigation into Ted Stevens’ lawbreaking was conducted by a Republican Justice Department. And naturally enough, the Bush DOJ managed to screw up the investigation. Given that virtually everything the Bushies touched turned to suck, this is no surprise to anyone.

Now, I may be wrong on this and I have yet to see or hear any progress or change from Mark Begich, but isn’t he or was a “Conservadem”? A Democrat who is actually siding with the Republicans at times? One of the few Democrats’ who have been leaning to the Right on certain policies? But he is a Democrat who was elected legitimately. Why then, are the Alaskan Elephants getting their panties in a bunch? I wonder..
Sarah Palin and the Elephants are not the brightest bulbs in the light store. As the Daily Kos article reads, It was Palin who called for Ted Stevens’ head when the allegations and indictments were brought, and now she has flip-flopped once again calling for a special election.

Apparently, the Elephants hate Democracy. From Alaska, to Minnesota-Where Norm Coleman has lost to another celebrity turned politician- and on their way into Washington D.C. The elections and the Democratic wins were legitimate. Get over it.

No wonder John McCain does not plan on supporting Palin in 2012 or 2016.
As this story picks up pace and confuses the media; Countdown with Keith Olbermann’s guest host David Shuster tonight interviewed Margaret Carlson from Bloomberg News regarding the situation and Rachel Maddow even mentioned it. It seems as though the GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party) has been at it again. While it is absolutely clear that corruption did occur by Ted Stevens, the Obama DOJ did what had to be done because of the Bushian screw-ups. Yet, the Alaskan Elephants believe that Stevens should be part of a new election for some odd reason.

What did we talk about before Alaskan politics were revealed?




One thought on “>The Elephants Hate Democracy

  1. >”Special Elections” sound awfully like something a dictatorship might hold in order to ensure that the “right” person is elected, and if they are not… then it will be time for a “recount”Hmmm…. maybe my dad should move to Alaska…he’d like the political scene there. Lol

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