>Charles Bukowski Mondays


found poems

By Charles Bukowski

I know I shouldn’t write so many poems
it’s a form of self-entertainment which
I am paid for.
I live alone in this large house with 2
cats (there were 3, one died)
and at a my age it’s realistic to assume that
I might also die
one of these a.m. nights
after writing 10 or 12 poems
and that’s where the laugh
comes in:
before I bed down I place the new
neatly in the center of my desk so that
when the stink gets bad
and the neighbors complain or
when my girlfriend phones and the phone goes

the poems will be found.
not that my death will be tragic or

(I will be out of

but the poems themselves will
let them know

(those carping little

that I was good until the end
or maybe even


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