Waking to a Thumping Heart

Waking to the black rubber tires
of the early morning.
Signaling a day worth two cents,
loud shakes from the building
begin to reverberate my heart.
Losing sight.
Losing fight.

The gravity of the situation
pulls anger closer.
Looking out of the window sill
as the sky is still with ash.
Sleeping side by side empty bottles,
my body has yet to recuperate,
feeling as if thunderous jaunts of Antelopes are running amok
through the middle of my uncorked, uneven insides.

Trying to drain the hurt
yet the sirens twirling outside have other plans.
I think, well go ahead then and save
the whores from next door,
locking back up their thighs
as children begin to trot down the street.

I finally pull my legs over the edge,
gripping the strewn sheets to keep from heaving.
Maybe if objects from the previous night spontaneously fall from above-
The sirens might finally stop.

I end up pulling myself to the fridge to begin the new day.

I need another.


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