Too Early

Shaken to my core as
I wake from a deep sleep.
I wrestle with the sun,
choking on the pale yellow shadow
shining through the curtains.

Having had peace in the darkness,
dreaming of ships escaping my heart,
my nightmares flood into my mind.

Hidden behind masks of ghastly scars,
the sun exposes the real me–
feeling sick to death
of the constant need to wake.
Paralyzing my thoughts as I squeeze
the last breath out of daylight,
I close myself in under the covers
until my need to bleed
releases me.


Making Ralph & Henry Jealous

In listless winds underneath,
the pale blossoms
cover favor from the rain.

Shadows hover over everything
that has come before.
From the sweat of gods drips blood,
unshaken from the horror
of words unspoken.

The sun has not risen in years
yet, the earth continues to grow
beneath our feet.
The landscape outside my windowless sill
hides the lies of callous minds–
lending its ears to the crooked streets,
where the blood runs dry
out from the gutted hearts of papal saints.