Writers Block

huddled upon a concrete floor
crouched in a bundle
as if waiting for my rebirth
up from the gutter.

this life has left me silent once again–
draining blood from under the hardened cracks,
a tear comes streaming down my cheek.
like the moon bursting into pieces
on a sunless night.

the craters shown on my face
leave me prematurely old.
as my darkened heart
has turned black and blue.
i begin to weep
laying bare with only my bottle
and machine gun to guide me.

i begin once again.


My First Book of Poetry Released

I remember the moment I wanted to become a writer and a poet. Since then I have bled blood, sweat and tears while working my ass off to ignore the cynics and the critics and lay down words I am proud of and ultimately reach the end of one chapter so to begin another where I am able to share with others.

With that said, my book, Scribblings From a Beer-Stained Napkin, is finally out and also online at:


While I believe this is just another stepping stone to my ultimate goal, I am excited to see it come to fruition.
I want to thank everyone who have enjoyed reading my pieces.

If you are in the Seattle area or online feel free to check it out.