Im blind.
Lost in the wind of my failures,
Only to wisp a breath before I drown.
My mind has left me shaken underneath sunless skies
I can never get away from.

Im blind.
Yet in the moonlight im awaken.
My fingernails worn down to the nub.
My knuckles bare and cracked till bloody,
I spit words I don’t understand
Yet make so much sense at 2:00 am.

Im blind.
My intestines are twisted and twined
With the feathers of a dove.
Outside of my window
The sorrows that spill out of my mouth
Are overwhelmed by a quivering fear.
Until I return at the time the light hits the moon.

Im blind.
Walking through the mean streets of encrusted gold
I shudder to think of the possibilities.
I reach my sanctum, my church.
Up on my stool I begin to weep,
Thinking about the horrors of the day.
On my typer I spill my heart onto the page.
The moment where I begin to die
Is when I finally wake.

Appears in bytheoverpass Jan 5, 2013 by Overpass Press


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