A childhood left up to me

I began running away in the rain
as joyous as a school boy.
My memories begin to overflow
onto the ground from the inside
of my mind.
While the winds carry me on
through the sea-sized puddles with
Relative ease.

Jumping flatly onto the concrete street,
The hollow moonlit sky
shimmers the dew drops that
flood my weathered clothes.

Recovering my childhood
From the grips of reality,
Means to ruffle feathers out
on the mean streets,
Holding what is left
In my hands.

I lift my arms to
Reach out to a ghost.
Like a bubble tiptoeing
On the edge of its own death,
The reoccurring dream I carry
Is about to burst.

I end up laying down onto the
Crooked creek,
Waiting until it overwhelms me.
Swallowing me whole before
It steals my soul and spits me out–
Leaving me all alone.