Aftermath at the Farmers Market

Sifting and weaving my way through
Husbands and wives,
Babies and mothers,
And off the clock whores
Dressed to impress out in the daylight
Of this organic cesspool.

I try to feel normal,
Keeping my shell intact and
My mask from bleeding off.
Skimming and hustling within
My mind.

In a world of desperate normalcy,
My insides are screaming.
What is “normal” anyways?
A politicians word living a lie,
Strangled by his own noose,
While talking shit towards a blinded,
Slow suicide.
Where the weight of a feather
Can feel like the world teeter – tottering
On its pattened leather.

Blurring the lines between heaven and hell.
In the end, as I begin falling deeper
Into the darkended depths
I break a smile.


A Slow Night at the Bar

At the bar
My ass carresses the barstool,
Like a long lost member.
Scanning these young fucks–
As if they have anything
Worthy to tell.
Showering their insides
With bottles and bullshit.
Pretending the lives they lead
Have become sludge.
Basking in the darkness
While being inhibtiated come
My insides are suffocated by the mindless blur,
And the fog of high decimal blowhards
In need of a fix
A fuck or
A mind blowing shit.

Now that I would be impressed with.


A Fairweather Wonderland

I walk down the concrete street
To nowhere in particular.
In the hopes of finding a path leading
Me out from this hell hole.

Watching and waiting,
Holding on with all my might
Before my heart turns as
Black as the feathers of a crow.
Before my lungs dissolve within
My soul.

I lose sight of where to turn
Until the waves of the
Dead Sea begin to rise.
Running away with the rain,
Never have I seen a more
Beautiful sight moments before
I go blind.

This fairweather flight into the unknown
Is more than enough to drive me insane…
Full speed into the white light.
No better way to go out
Than to be torn apart
By the flames and the blackness
Of a crow stabbing at my heart.