Verdict Comes Down

Slithering past the outdoor slough
I lifted my head to the sky
Minutes after the verdict came down
From the gallows
Shaking my heart to its core.

I thanked the sleeping clouds
For not taking me
Just yet.
Where the angels
soon would have been dying—
Losing sleep before darkened skies
Deepening their feathers in the soot
of a crow.

I’m so glad that I’m coming home.

Lying in a field and
Smiling till dawn where the morn
Is laid bare with werewolves
Until we’ve grown.

I was living a life that was deemed a lie,
Yet I escaped the hangman’s noose
Just after the noon fell asleep.
Now my heart has finally loosened
Where the days have become brighter
After years staring down the
barrell of a .44 caliber.

I’m so glad im coming home.