Flowers of mutilated gardens
that hang outside a tattered porch
only bloom in the dark.
Filled with jubilation;
nothing forfeits in shadows.
The drunks on the corner
were never truly great
in letting go of their addictions.


Free Ballard

I look out the window and i see ghosts
that plunge with ferocious anger
upon these tilted buildings–
fluttering like fat birds
ready to pounce on beautiful flowers.

Sadness blurs lines made by rain drops
in silence that almost has a scent.
I am lost in a vacuum,
feeling as though I am swallowed up
by my very own throat.
Watching the open air of thought
lose its mind underneath this sunless sky.
The ground has begun to crumble
below my feet.
I am now ready to leave.

Work Ethic

Moving my mind
miles away
seems a more arduous task
than what my body can take.
Being beaten without light–
in complete darkness,
I shudder with laughter
at the thought of my

There is nothing left for me,
for I have already lived a thousand lives
in total madness and
without a heart you can feel.

My demons have already torn me apart,
so making me stand hours on end
will only make me smile.

Until I am left all alone,
I will not shed one single tear.
They can bend me anyway they desire,
but they will never break me
for I have already tasted my bones
when I was hungry.