Lifting Myself Up

Surrounded by weak minds
without moxie-
who cave to the sun when
the darkness holds
the clouds from crying.

I watch them weave
their souls underneath broken pines.
Drinking away their lives
made from swine.

Hidden under the covers at night,
the light I seek only comes when
I’m in flight-
deep within my mind
hoping I can fly.

My pale skin
burns against the sun
as the waves tear open
my fragile heart
standing against the wind
leaving me entombed
under the sea.
The clear waters
that have ravished my soul,
mourns the past
and present.

Being alone
has torn me apart-
treating me badly.
Laying stifled in a fog,
desperate to forget this life,
I realize there is only one.

So don’t. My mind is told.
Don’t let go
so easily of the make-shift tie
wrapped around my neck
in the tragedy of leaves.


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