blood in, blood out

holding on to our hearts like our own child, blurs the lines until the moment we cross it. I sang songs that lit up the night, in daylight even, I hit the high notes at the same time I felt it. Blood in, blood out we never had an doubt. I came to understand the desperation when I had nothing. Nothing to hold on to. A million miles up in the air, falling is nothing when all I fear is losing you more, my dear. My feet are on the ground, more stable than I ever was shouldering the pain i came to know seems to have melted away with the rain. Leaving you was the one regret that came over me like a whirlwind, twisting and pulling my mind all around in ways as furious as your mouth. not knowing what exactly I had, I sat all alone in a room without a view-blanketing my eyelids as if night wore on beyond infinity. You came to me in my sleep, in my mind all day and all night until the minutes, hours, days and months built up beyond repute. until I burst and my tears swallowed me whole.


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