Behind the scenesĀ 



Magnet to Crazy

Drunks already flood starbucks.

this specific one is like a dive bar. 

patrons order coffee to stay high until 

they fall back down once the time comes 

to start spreading the sauce. 
It is neither a full moon 

or high noon quite yet

but the demons have started talking 

and have no plans on stopping. 
Speaking in tongues:
liquid minds 

slowly dying 

in front of children 

who know nothing but forgiveness 

and capturing their own faces. 
until the moment we slide further down,

the opportunity to make a mark has past,



when we sleep 

or dance 

all alone in day dreams. 
I try to help 

but this is their heart,

pushing against the fire and brimstone

when the only one who listens 

is the devil inside.