One Day

i had a love affair 

In my sleep.

We met one day 

That seemed to last forever.
When together, 

It made the darkness 

We suffer through 


When I woke,

I wept. 

So, until the dark 

caresses the light and 

you are in my arms once again, 

I will cry. 


Talking With The Devil About Love is out!

My new poetry collection, Talking With The Devil About Love, is out. Check it out.
I will update with events and links to other bookstores who carry it soon…

Teeter-Tottering on Leather Shoes

Open eyelids
onto closed fields.
Walk down city streets
between jackrabbit legs,
savoring the fresh air
when a hat is tipped to the sun.

The city is littered with wet leaves
that try to slip us up
until wings of a feather
dissolve into the furry air.

Ferociously towing up wrecked sidewalks,
pushed and pulled,
my heart lays silently still
onto a NYC corner street
trying to resuscitate a dead firefly.